General Dentistry

In addition to all of his specializations, Dr. Val Tsar and his team are happy to assist with any and all of your general dentistry needs. 

Cleaning and Prevention

Regularly scheduled exams and cleanings lay the groundwork for a strong preventive care plan. While our patients may need restorative or rehabilitative dentistry procedures throughout their lifetimes, minimizing the need for such dental treatments begins with a commitment to practicing preventive care. Our cleaning services are carried out by our team of highly trained professionals, and we are here to address any concerns or anxiety you have regarding your dental treatment.

Oral Cancer Screening         

Our care extends beyond our patients’ teeth and gums, and for this reason we offer in-office screening for oral cancer. Our experienced team can spot commonly missed warning signs and the earliest forms of suspicious lesions. Many types of oral cancer can be mistaken for other ailments, which is why we emphasize the importance of undergoing this important screening during examinations.

Emergency Care

Dental emergencies can occur anytime, anywhere. At AP Dental Arts, we provide emergency appointments to aid you in your time of need – for example, if you break a tooth or lose a dental crown before or after typical office hours. We are here when you need us.