Dental Fillings

Along with various cosmetic dentistry services in North Palm Beach, AP Dental Arts and Dr. Val Tsur-Tsar also specialize in tooth fillings.

Tooth fillings are a standard and simple solution for patients suffering from tooth decay. In this procedure, Dr. Val removes whichever part of the tooth has decayed and replaces it with a material that looks like it is naturally part of your tooth.

First, the patient will undergo local anesthetization so that the dentist can operate at no expense of discomfort to patient. The dentist will then use either an air abrasion instrument, a laser, or a drill to remove the decayed portion of the tooth. Once the dentist has confirmed that the decayed area has been removed, the cavity will be thoroughly cleaned out. The dentist will then gradually apply the tooth colored filling and harden it with a special light. Once this is done, the any excess filling can be trimmed off and the remaining, filled-in tooth can be polished until it looks perfectly healthy.

If you are suffering from tooth decay to any degree, please contact us to explore the option of getting tooth fillings. One appointment with Dr. Val will be sure to solve all of the issues that accompany tooth decay.